All natural spring cleaning zero waste style

I find the idea of spring cleaning very old-school, but then the first sun comes out after a long German winter and I immediately notice how dirty the windows are.

It has been a year since I moved to our current apartment. It is not easy to find a flat in Berlin these days, but we got lucky because the broker was so unskilled at renting the flat that it booed most people away. At the time my German was so bad, I did not really understand that he demands a provision. As I was the only person interested in the flat at the end, I plainly told him that provision is illegal in Germany, and that was it. As I am cleaning the flat in the name of upcoming spring, I feel grateful for the douche bag broker. Sometimes the lack of German skills and an incompetent person is exactly what you need in life.

Now back to the topic, I like to use simple tools that are zero waste, natural and cheap, to keep my flat clean.

My 5 tips to clean your flat naturally:

  • Get your equipment ready. I mostly clean with wooden brushes and kitchen towels.

zero waste home alternatives wooden brushes and kitchen towels

  • Aleppo soap is my staple cleanser. I use it for all kinds of surfaces, including bathroom, as well as to wash the dishes. First, I grate it into a bottle and then add boiling water. It lathers well and smells great.

zero waste home alternatives Aleppo soap

  • I use vinegar for washing windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. You can add it to boiling water when washing your brushes. I clean the oven with it as well as use it for laundry.

zero waste home alternatives Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Baking soda can be sprinkled over the couch or the carpet to get it clean. I only put it on some stains. Don’t mix it with water, just wipe (or vacuum) it off after a while. Mix it with vinegar if you need to unclog the pipes.

zero waste home alternatives Baking soda

  • I use olive oil regularly to care for wood surfaces as well as to get rid of the stickers on jars.

zero waste home alternatives Olive oil and a brush

Is anyone cleaning with vodka or something badass like that? Let me know on your zero waste cleaning tips in the comments 🙂

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  1. Bethanie says:

    Your blog is so inspirational. I’ve been slowly reducing my waste for the last 5 years. This past year I’ve eliminated plastic almost entirely. I’m excited to try your tip of using olive oil to remove pesky sticker residue. Currently I mark my jars tare with a sharpie. Once those dry out I’m thinking of trying peel-off china markers. A few years ago I started making my own fabric and room deodorizing spray using about 1/4 everclear, water and several drops of essential oils. It’s so easy to make and I just love being able to play around with different scents.

    1. Sara @ untrashified says:

      Hi, Bethanie, thank you so much <3 5 years, you are a pro!! thanks for the spray tip, I should try something like that 🙂 I currently use a permanent market to tare jars, but would like to find something washable - I was thinking about crayons, but maybe I should try that peel off marker you mentioned!

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