My name is Sara. About 3 years ago I left my Alpine home in Slovenia to study in the German capital of Berlin. One master’s degree later and I am still here, sharing a home with a boyfriend and my mason jar collection. 😉

Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj, Triglav national park, Slovenia
A view of river Spree in Berlin from Elsenbrücke, Germany

Why Untrashified?

Urban life is much different than where I grow up as there are more people living in Berlin than in my entire country. I live in Neukölln, a neighborhood famous for its streets trashed with the weirdest things. The frustration with my surrounding is what got me into a zero waste lifestyle. But zero waste improved my life in a different way: it forced me to slow down, become more local and live again like it’s the countryside. So I started this blog in order to say:

A more sustainable lifestyle can also make you happier.

It’s not just that we need so badly to rethink how we deal with our resources (because we really do). Looking around, I think the quality of our lives suffers too. We are hooked on consumption and trapped in our wasteful ways, not knowing that pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle could bring us peace and delight. What we needed all along might just be less trash and more thoughtfulness.

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