Ideas on what to quit in 2017 (hint: it is not just plastic)

Forget resolutions and bringing more stress and expectations in your life. It will not work if you do not make space for it! I am a proud quitter myself. Quitting on certain things, activities, needs, habits, people, services and expectations makes me happy and I think everyone should quit more.

This is what I am quitting in 2017:

-Online shopping (to a certain extent, but more on that later)

-Spending more than a half of my waking hours on the laptop

-Products that contain palm oil

What I have quit in the past with great benefits. Just pick one or two or 30:

-shitty jobs, you don’t care about

-plastic bags

-products of low quality, you don’t really like of need

-accepting free stuff (like pens, gift bags, vouchers, gift cards, flyers)

-plastic bottles

-take away cups

-hair dye

-nail polish

-deodorant (make it yourself)

-shampoo, or any hair product actually

-shopping at H&M and similar 


-cotton buds (they are actually harmful)

-social media (I check facebook probably once a week)

-insane amount of cheese (still eat it but not so much and could go without)

-meat (likewise)

-always drinking alcohol while socialising

-buying material gifts

-tampons (just get menstrual cup already, everyone agrees it’s amazing)

-making fun of vegans (just kidding)

-following people you don’t even know that well on facebook (unsubscribe, and watch Ted talks instead)

-telephone contract (I buy pre-paid cards that don’t include data transfer and still own my first smartphone)

-paper post (but wait till I get German health insurance…)

-email subscriptions

-mediocre friendships

-social gatherings you do not want to attend


-reading the news

-owning a TV

-collecting clutter

-drinking so much coffee

-impulse purchases

-apps that make you look at your phone all the time


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