Quick solutions for less waste

So much can be done so quickly! I am happy to stop buying things I never really wanted or needed. The list is highly personal of course.


I realised I don’t need shaving cream and that cotton buds (Q-tips) are actually bad for you.

I swapped tampons for menstrual cup and disposable razors for safety razor;


I always hated nail polish & remover so I decided to just let it go.

I gave up my makeup remover and cotton pads, as I just use a little bit of oil and wipe my face in a towel.

I use oils and soap bars instead of commercial beauty products;

DSC07044 - Edited.jpg

I decided not to dye my hair again.


Instead of tea bags I buy tea in bulk or at least in bigger paper packaging and use this cute cup;


Similar with salt and pepper;


I am trying to use things like washing soda and soap instead of commercial cleaning products.

I stop using sponges for the dishes and use wooden brushes with a compostable head instead. They dry faster and are more hygienic.

I don’t use paper towels;


I quit plastic bags for trash, disposable utensils and food packaging for obvious reasons.

I don’t use aluminium foil but things like metal boxes, glass jars or linen towels to pack lunch;


I don’t buy candles or chewing gums because I find them unnecessary.

I made my own handkerchiefs out of an old piece of clothing;


Living room/office:

I don’t need gift wrapping paper since I use junk paper. Similar I won’t buy paper notebooks anymore since I have so much junk paper lying around that I can reuse.

I love printed content but I read way too much, so I am sticking to my e-reader.

I will not buy disposable pencils anymore as I keep losing or breaking them. I try to use a refillable pen or graffiti pencil instead;

dsc07211-editedI hate unnecessary decor and do not buy it.

I don’t think I have any device left that needs batteries.


I don’t buy cheap new clothes, shoes or jewellery. They look horrible fast and are really wasteful. I am striving for a smaller, better and mostly second-hand wardrobe.

I quit buying extras, like too many socks, underwear, gloves, slippers, scarfs, bathing suits and so on. I cannot wear them all! I remember buying a package of hair knobs and losing all of them but one in a week. I have had that last hair knob for years now;



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