10 ways to use a handkerchief

I remember mocking my father for still using those, yet here I am, cutting my old pyjama pants to make more handkerchiefs for the upcoming flu season. What I used to think is gross I now find extremely versatile and lovely! Here some of the most common uses of a fabric handkerchief:

1- To blow your nose if you have a cold

I thought using a reusable handkerchief to blow my nose will be horrible, but I got used to them immediately. Especially because they are so much gentler on the skin than the disposable ones! I have a bunch of small ones for this occasion. A rule of thumb is to use one for as long you would use a paper tissue and then throw it in the laundry basket. I think many of us actually grew up using handkerchiefs to blow our noses, but I guess around the turn of the millennium we all decided it would be progressive to use paper tissues? So if you are ready to go back in time, cut some fabric you have lying around and make a stash of reusable handkerchiefs. 🙂

zero waste lifestyle handkerchief box

2- To use as a napkin in cafe/restaurant or when hosting a dinner at home

In my opinion, medium-sized, white-ish, linen napkins would be a classy option.

3- To wipe your hands or face in it

If they are dirty or you just washed them and there is no better towel. Or if you are all sweaty from commuting by bike. Also great if you have a baby!

4- In case you spill anything

Especially when you are carrying a reusable water bottle and your lunch with you!

zero waste lifestyle handkerchief bag

5- To wrap a sandwich in it

In this case, you could turn your handkerchief into a Bees Wrap as it keeps the food fresher.

Full disclosure: I tried this once because I had some beeswax from a DIY project and it didn’t turn out that well. But other bloggers have been more successful! (check Green Indy blog here).

6-  To wipe off makeup

…After you have been crying at some dramatic scene at the cinema, for example. You could also use a reusable handkerchief or cotton pads to wipe off makeup before bed, but if I am at home I will just use a towel for that.

7- To wrap a gift in it

Instead of using paper wrapping, use a handkerchief which is also a gift in itself!

zero waste lifestyle handkerchief gift wrapping

8- To put it on your lap while eating the snacks you have brought with you

Use the biggest you’ve got for this occasion! Also, see number 4 and 5.

9- To turn it into a carrying bag when necessary

Might help if you practice some cool furoshiki technics first.

zero waste lifestyle handkerchief bag

10- You can also use them in the bedroom

…But I really don’t want to elaborate on that 🙂

Any other uses, guys? Let me know!

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  1. Polly says:

    All great ideas! I always have 2 or 3 different sizes tossed in my bag for whatever may come up during the day!

    1. Sara @ untrashified says:

      Awesome Polly! different sizes are totally a thing 🙂 btw, hope you don’t mind linking to your great blog 😉

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