10 (sustainable) ways to embrace the Autumn

1: Enjoy seasonal produce at the farmers market.

I’m thinking mushrooms, pumpkins, potatoes, pepper, apples, corn maze… or whatever else you can find! I have been looking forward to the pumpkin soup for quite some time now. 🙂

zero waste lifestyle autumn fall

2: Prepare for the sweater weather.

You could mend torn clothes, put coconut oil on your leather boots, declutter your scarfs/hats/mittens drawer, shop thrift stores for what’s missing from your wardrobe or go to a clothing swap event, …

3: Bake your own bread loaf.

Something about cold weather makes me want to put things in the oven! I love baking my own bread, even if it means making some recyclable waste. I buy yeast and flour in paper packaging and use my reusable baking sheet, which can be washed afterwards.

4: Spend time outside and enjoy the autumn foliage.

I am convinced this is the best time for a road trip or to play a tourist in your own city!

zero waste lifestyle autumn fall BerlinThe view over Tiergarten in Berlin from the Victory Column

5: Prepare for cold weather laziness and comfort food shortages.

Find out if there are any restaurants that offer zero waste takeaway or low waste delivery for a cosy night in. Or just freeze homemade pizza dough, that’s what I like to do!

6: Take care of your skin naturally.

Cold and wind can be hard on the skin, so it might be the time to switch from summer to winter skincare routine. I’ve already started using my natural fatty face cream and homemade whipped lotion.

7: Make your own clothes detergent from chestnuts.

If you live in Central Europe you can pick up horse chestnuts in September-October. They contain saponins, which have soap-like properties. To make laundry detergent, cut each chestnut in four pieces and soak a bunch of them in boiling water overnight. Water will turn into soapy liquid, which you can use on your laundry, while chestnuts can be composted.

zero waste lifestyle autumn fall chestnuts

8:  Start a digital detox day, and read books instead.

Assign one day of the week to be technology free in order to get some rest from the constant stimulation. Plan your day in advance so that you don’t get bored and turn back to your devices. Whenever I am having a digital detox day I like to spend it reading! You can check my library on zero waste and sustainability books as well as other resources here.

9: Sew handkerchiefs for the upcoming flu season.

Whenever I have a cold, I prefer reusable handkerchiefs as they are gentler on the skin. But when I am really sick I tend to run out of them pretty fast! So this year I made a big stash of smaller cotton handkerchiefs so that I don’t get caught unprepared. You can check my blog post on different uses of handkerchiefs here.

10: Book your holiday vacation a bit more sustainable this year.

Are you visiting family or taking a trip for the winter holidays? I know I am – and it’s almost time to take care of the planning. Here are some ideas to make your travels a bit more sustainable this year: take a long distance bus instead of flying, carpool in the car, or purchase a carbon offset together with your ticket.

What’s your favourite autumn activity? Let me know! Also, don’t forget to connect with me on Pinterest and Bloglovin’ 🙂

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